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Thorpe Lea Fishery

Thorpe Lea Fishery in Essex has a fantastic reputation among carp anglers in the south east of England.

This 18-acre, 60-swim lake was stocked with British Waterways fish a few years ago and they have thrived and grown into 20-pounders, with quite a few fat, fighting fit ‘thirties’ in amongst them.

Presenter Ian Russell actually met his wife Lizzie here at Thorpe Lea Fishery – and today they revisit the swim where it all began to reminisce and fish PVA tactics in an early winter session.
Just as they are getting all romantic on us, they are (thankfully) rudely interrupted by the first fish of the day, a fine, fat linear pattern 20lb mirror.

Learn about how to use a marker float for depth and feature finding and for accurate casting. Ian also talks to fishery manager Gary Beale and takes a look at some of the quite ridiculous rigs Gary sometimes finds on the bank – a real eye opener. Gary explains that Thorpe Lea Fishery has over 1,000 20lb fish, with the fish averaging about 19lb.

Meanwhile Lizzie goes on to prove that all that work in feature finding and picking the right swim for the conditions really pays off with her third, fourth and fifth ‘twenties’ of the session… great fishing!

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